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    EQE Starting from AED 418,900
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    EQS Starting from AED 642,900
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    SUVs & Crossovers

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      EQA Starting from AED 299,900
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      EQB Starting from AED 324,900
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      EQE SUV Coming soon.
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      EQS SUV Starting from AED 688,900
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      Cabriolet & Roadsters

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      Prices are inclusive of 5% VAT
      Why all-electric? Six reasons to choose an all-electric vehicle.
        Drive purely electric. Experience pure driving pleasure in two senses with an all-electric vehicle, without local carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Take another step towards CO2-neutral balance-sheet mobility with a clear conscience. Button
        A new kind of driving pleasure. Driving electrically means a completely new driving experience: dynamic and almost silent. Even from a stationary start, an almost full range of torque is available for dynamic acceleration. Button
        Charge whenever you want. You can charge an electric vehicle easily and conveniently at home, and save yourself a trip to a filling station. And if you do need to charge while on the road, simply use one of the many public charging stations, for example, in the city, at shopping centres or service stations. Intelligent route guidance can plan your route, including the necessary charging stops. Button
        Intelligently networked energy recovery. Adaptive driving saves power and extends the range: ECO Assist offers optimum recuperation for the given situation by incorporating navigation data, traffic sign recognition and information from the sensors into its efficiency strategy. Button
        Range for everyday needs with no compromises. The high-voltage batteries installed in Mercedes-Benz models are so generously sized that their electric range can cover many everyday routes and also the journey to and from work with ease for many users. Button
        Mercedes-Benz charging solutions. The Mercedes me Charge service[1]makes charging on the go even easier, as you can charge comfortably with just one charging contract in a charging network with over 500,000 charging stations across Europe.

        [1] To be able to use the Mercedes me connect service "Mercedes me Charge", a separate charging contract is required with a selected third-party provider, via which payment and invoicing of the charging processes takes place. The use of Mercedes me connect services requires a personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the terms of use for Mercedes me connect services.

        All-electric drive

        Uncompromisingly electrified.

        The EQE and EQS from Mercedes-Benz use the new modular electric platform of the luxury and executive class, which is completely scalable and can be shared by all models. Wheelbase, track width and system components such as the batteries and drive units are variable thanks to the modular system.

        Electric motors

        The electric motor converts electrical energy from the high-voltage battery into mechanical energy, and delivers impressive propulsion from the first revolution.

        The all-wheel drive models use two electric motors, one on the rear axle and one on the front axle. To reduce power consumption and improve dynamics, efficient distribution of the drive torque is steplessly regulated between the front and rear axles.

        High-voltage lithium-ion battery

        The high-voltage lithium-ion battery is the central energy store for the electric drive. Both range and performance are directly dependent on the battery.

        The battery is charged externally from the mains. Energy is also recovered by way of recuperation when braking and with an overrunning engine. For a dynamically favourable, low overall centre of gravity, the battery, which is divided into several modules, is installed in the underbody.

        Regenerative brake system

        For additional range, there is great potential to reduce consumption through increasing energy recovery (recuperation) during overrunning engine and braking phases.

        This takes place through intelligent, efficiently optimised distribution of the deceleration torques. When you release the accelerator or press the brake pedal, the electric machine initiates the initial deceleration and acts as an alternator. You can also influence recuperation performance in several stages using the shift paddles on the steering wheel. This way you can recover range while you drive. In the D AUTO recuperation level, ECO Assist intelligently adjusts the amount of recuperation to match the current driving situation.

        Charging system

        Thanks to a flexible charging system, the battery can be charged at both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging stations. Alternating current (AC) is available from household sockets, wallboxes and most public charging stations. DC fast-charging stations can provide higher charging power and are mainly found along motorways.

        Since batteries only consume direct current, electric vehicles have an integrated onboard charger that converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).


        Easy and flexible charging: at home or on the road.

        Learn more about the comprehensive charging options with intelligent solutions for the home and on the road. With the constantly growing charging infrastructure, intelligent energy management and remote & navigation services, you can drive electrically with an easy mind, without making any compromises.

        Mercedes me Charge[1]also enables you to charge ecologically at more than 500,000 public charging points throughout Europe. Mercedes-Benz uses high-quality guarantees of origin to ensure that electricity from renewable energy sources is fed into the mains for charging volumes that flow through Mercedes me Charge.[2]You can also charge your electric vehicle with the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox or other charging equipment with up to 22 kW – very easily at home.

        [1] To be able to use the Mercedes me connect service "Mercedes me Charge", a separate charging contract is required with a selected third-party provider, via which payment and invoicing of the charging processes takes place. The use of Mercedes me connect services requires a personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the terms of use for Mercedes me connect services.

        [2] Green Charging uses proof of origin to ensure that, for the charging operation, an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources is fed back into the electrical grid.

        Vehicle design

        Recognizable electro-aesthetics.

        The design also takes you into the future. The typical black panel radiator trim with central star and light strips at the front and rear are clearly recognisable. The interior also welcomes you with a completely new, avant-garde electric look in a specific design: progressive luxury in a sporty form.

        • Striking design feature: the black panel grille with central star.

        • Red gold elements in the interior hint at the electric character.

        • LED light strip at front and rear for high recognition by day and night.

        • Wheel designs specially developed for the electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.