Mercedes-Benz Service for your van. Place your new Mercedes in the best hands for service, maintenance and repairs.

Taken care of with the Mercedes-Benz Service for my van.

It's our job to keep your business up and running.

Your customers demand a high level of reliability and quality from you. Why then would you demand any less from your van? As it is only when your vans run reliably every day that your business can also run smoothly.

With Mercedes-Benz Service you have a partner on your side that knows your van inside and out and supports in keeping you – and therefore your business – reliably on the road. After all, as its manufacturer, we know your Mercedes van down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to the renowned Mercedes-Benz quality you are always on the road with safety and efficiency. And our staff are also the best: they are specially trained and, thanks to our tight-knit service network, are always close by.

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Gladly living up to our responsibilities. A two-year new vehicle warranty applies to all Mercedes-Benz Vans. The contractual warranty undertaking is provided by the national sales organisation that sells you the vehicle.

The new vehicle warranty is effective from the date of delivery of your newly-manufactured vehicle or, if earlier, from the date of initial registration, with the limited mileage of 200.000 km. It supplements the statutory liability for material defects and gives you extra peace of mind for the first two years.
    Service Care Knowing what to expect.
    Taken care of with Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare products for my van.
    Your van is an engine for your success. If it is up and running, so too is your business. With ServiceCare from Mercedes-Benz you can ensure that it stays that way. Find out which Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare product is best for your needs.

    Your benefits at a glance:
    Easy and more effective cost planning through fixed calculated instalments
    Optimally maintained vehicles in Mercedes-Benz quality
    Protection against unforeseeable costs
    Regular maintenance and repairs secured by Mercedes-Benz quality and Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, reducing the risk of vehicle downtime.
    Long-term value retention of the vehicle which will gain high resale value by maintaining your van safe and reliable
    Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance. Professional maintenance. Meeting maximum quality standards.
    Regular, correct checks of paramount vehicle parts and functions safeguard the performance and reliability of your van. Maintenance protects from unnecessary repair costs and thus guarantees minimum, foreseeable downtime. The Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance product maintains the vehicle value and thus increases the resale value. All maintenance work according to ASSYST (Active Service System) or maintenance sheet for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
    Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance + Wear&Tear. This product combines the advantages of the Maintenance and Wear&Tear products – to minimize the risk of downtime and give you unlimited mobility. This package gives you additional services and even more attractive conditions. In other words, even more service for even less costs.

    The Maintenance + Wear&Tear product offers you a Wear&Tear repairs scope (brake pads, suspension, etc.), additionally with all maintenance work as shown in ASSYST (Active Service System) or in the maintenance sheet on the Mercedes-Benz chassis, including spare parts and oils.
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    Mercedes-Benz Service Packages Transparent maintenance costs without surprises. Through the Mercedes-Benz Service Packages, we cover all scheduled maintenance procedures and we make your service costs transparent. Depending on the package duration and mileage, there is a fixed price that covers all included services. This way, you can count on transparent maintenance costs and spare yourself unpleasant surprises.
    Mercedes-Benz Service Select Covers all scheduled maintenance costs specified by the manufacturer, including filters, operational liquids, and labor. Transparent and plannable maintenance costs.

    The Service Select Package gives you the chance to purchase the maintenance services your vehicle will need, over the chosen duration and mileage, at a convenient price.

    It covers the cost of parts, labor and operational fluids needed for the scheduled maintenance operations. You therefore receive clearly defined services with transparent costs.
    Mercedes-Benz Service Select Plus Convenient maintenance and selected wear-and-tear repairs.

    The Service Select Plus Package offers a higher level of cost security since, supplementary to the maintenance work, it includes the most important wear-and-tear parts:

    - brake pads and brake discs
    - windshield wiper blades
    - V-belt

    You can expect extensive service benefits with transparent costs on the one hand, and on the other hand, be assured that foreseeable repairs are already covered by a one-off payment.
    Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty Extended Warranty protects you from unexpected repair costs after the expiry of the standard Mercedes-Benz warranty. Button
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